All builds or rebuilds carry a 1 year warranty directly through me. A time window that is completely unheard of in the turbo world. I cover any defect or issue related to a CHRA failure. Things that are not covered by the warranty.

-Foreign object damage
-Install error
-Oiling problems (Subaru oil screens are a leading cause of turbo death)
-Engine failure (bearing failure sending material into the turbo)
-Housings, hard lines, wastegate (example is a new turbine housing developing the normal wastegate crack)


This is the break in procedure for your new or rebuilt turbo, it is important to do these steps to avoid any issues like side loading, dry start, etc...

Turbo Rebuild and Repair Service

All turbo builds or rebuilds are done all in shop, balanced with a brand new dual plane high accuracy balance machine down to the hundreths of a gram and then hand assembled.

All turbo rebuilds are refreshed inside and out with new upgraded internal components *were applicable*, shafts and rotating assembly is inspected and replaced if needed. Everything is balanced, assembled and resealed just like new.

Pricing on standard rebuilds starts at $275 and can go up depending on turbo model, upgrades and damages. Please text, or email me for a complete quote for your unit.
1922 Big Ridge Rd Clintwood VA 24228
Text: (276)-220-6237
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